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March 2015 Update - Souvenirs

This month we thought we would show you some pictures relating to souvenirs of Rayleigh. The main area of such souvenirs was crested china which was usually small china models of items such as vases, animals, birds, domestic items, buildings and much more. These souvenirs were available throughout the UK and had the relevant town’s crest printed on them although some items had pictorial views of the town concerned. Often these items were something specific to the local area and in Rayleigh's case this is an old cooking pot which was unearthed on the Mount. This pot would have been reproduced throughout the country displaying the local relevant crest but the most treasured version would be one with a ‘matching’ crest of Rayleigh. This china was mainly produced in the early 20th century and Goss was the premier producer.

The pictures below include  a number of crested items together with some other more modern souvenirs.

Please click on the thumbnails below to page through the pictures.

Detail at the bottom of each one

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