Through the Looking Glass

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Previous Updates

Previous Updates

As locals will be aware we have been and will continue to suffer for many more months, from the roadworks in and around Rayleigh.

We therefore thought it would be interesting to show some pictures of roadworks from yesteryear.

Déjà vu at the junction of the High Street & Eastwood Road!

The picture above on the left is c1920s and the one on the right is the 1990s

A lovely picture of Crown  Hill showing

the Dutch Cottage with Sweeps Row in the background (demolished in the early 1930s).

The sign on the tree states Castle Terrace

The Railway Bridge & road was originally

widened in 1936.

Roadworks shown here are in the 1960s.

Note the 2 locals walking through the middle.

Health & Safety would have a fit!

Sewerage works in  progress in Eastwood Road by the Chase in 1963

At the bottom of Limehouse Hill c1930.

The Silver Jubilee is now on the left and

at the top right  of the hill is the

Rayleigh Garden Centre

August 2009 Update - Roadworks