Through the Looking Glass

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Rayleigh was on the main road from London (Aldgate) to Rochford which was then known

as the ‘King’s Highway’ (now the A129).

Approaching past the Carpenter's Arms along the London Road then up London Hill to

the centre of town (then Holy Trinity).

The road branched left to Hockley & Rochford and right towards Hadleigh  & Leigh.

Its grand title was

‘The Rochford Hundred Adjoining Roads Division of the Essex Turnpikes Trust’  by  an Act of Parliament 1746.

Chapman & Andre’s excellent map of 1777 shows  both the route and the milestones

Travellers were advised of how far to their destination by  milestones at the side of the road and

we are fortunate to have many  surviving examples locally, particularly between Rawreth & Rochford

(see a few examples  and locations below).

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