Through the Looking Glass

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July 2011 Update - Bath Chair Murder

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A peaceful day was shattered early in the afternoon of 23rd July 1943 when an explosion was heard by many people in Rayleigh. First thought to be a a bomb from a German plane it was subsequently discovered that a terrible incident had taken place along the Hockley Road near Wellington Road.

A 47 year old invalid, Archibald Brown, from the family that owned Rayleigh  Mill was in his bath (wheel) chair on his daily outing with one of his 3 nurses (Mrs Doris Mitchell) when an explosion destroyed the chair

and Mr Brown was killed instantly. Fortunately the nurse survived.

Mr Brown’s youngest son Eric was convicted of his murder and found guilty but insane and

was sentenced to be ‘detained at his Majesty's pleasure’.

Full, indeed all, the grizzly  details can be found by visiting our exhibition at the Council Offices in August.

See our Special Events page.